Another week, another Friday. Another chance to search through the shelves and work out what I fancy waxing lyrical about; a firm commitment to pointless prose written entirely for my own amusement to let all you good people know exactly what vinous delights are on the bar. But before all of that – few things to mention.

 Wednesday 18th October – Barolo and Truffle. Follow this link like a truffle-hunter to the seasons most delicious meal. Barolo is lauded as Italy’s finest wine and Piemontese truffles as the finest around. Convinced? Come. To be convinced? Come and be convinced!

Friday 20th of October – Oddly Beers. Come and meet Brian the Brewer of Oddly’s, brewing in the heart of the Thames. And yes – I really mean the heart of the Thames, he’s on an island a stone’s throw from the shop! £12 a ticket to taste his entire range of beers. 

Friday 10th November – Winter Tasting – I may have mentioned this one before, but our spectacular more-wine-than-you-could-shake-a-forest-at tasting is back round again – come and enjoy!

Wednesday 15th November – Five Year Signature – Should be a wicked night. All the best items of the last five years, shoehorned into one incredible evening. Five courses, shedloads of wine….need I say more?

 Wednesday 13th of December  - Christmas Popup - a new entry to the list! Come and join us for the last of Max’s delicious dinners this year. A festive-themed Popup with four blazing courses, fine wines and fine cheer. As usual, we'll pair six wines to the four-course fixed menu, with an eye to some of the amazing wines we will have in for Christmas!

 Anyway = before all that, here’s the bar for this week:


Aperol Spritz                                                                                                                                                                        £6.99

Crisp with that hard to define flavour which rocked so well last year - and back again !


Gin of the month - Jensen Old Tom & Tonic                                                                                                           £5.50

Powerful old style gin and an excellent tonic. Classi, refined, perfect


White Port and tonic                                                                                                                                                         £5.50

Is this this the drink of the autumn ? Taste testing says so !


                                                                       WINES BY THE GLASS (125 ml)


NV Sorelle Bronca Particella 68 Prosecco                                                                                                                £6.00


2016 Nuovo Quadro Gavi di Gavi                                                                                                                                  £6.00


2015 Giano Dolcetto-Merlot, Dezzani                                                                                                                         £5.00


2010 Trinita Roero, Malvira                                                                                                                                            £8.50


Want more than a glass ? Corkage is just £7.50 on all wine on the shelf. Enjoy some of the finest wines right here right now.