Peg Bay PN + Greywacke

2012 PEGASUS BAY, Pinot Noir, NZ: £240.00 per 12 bottles or £29.99 - 20% each, so £ 24.00 per bottle

Sensational 2012 Pinot Noir gained 18.5/20 in my notes.The extraordinary earthy low thrum of fruit is underpinned with an epic, savoury finish. The oak control is phenomenal, showing more elegance and sophistication than hundreds of Burgundies.The fruit is superbly fresh and vibrant with red cherry notes throughout.


2015 GREYWACKE, Sauvignon Blanc, NZ: £19.99 per bottle, buy 12 for £190.00, buy 24  for £360 or £15 each

Made in a consciously ripe style, according to winemaker Kevin Judd, this still seems elegant by the standards of some of the sweeter more tropical Marlborough styles. It is stylish and restrained with notes of coriander, grapefruit and lemongrass and a crisp, tangy minerality that wouldn't look out of place in Sancerre.