R1 tasting


A couple of lighter, fresher wines this weekend with the 2016 Sibiliano Grillo that hails from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily.

Historically the Grillo grape variety has been used for the vinification of the better known wine Marsala.  However when it is produced in this dry style then the results are delicious. The vineyards in Trapani from where the grapes originate are also managed organically.

£9.99 p/b or £7.99 when buying in a 6 pack - That's a 20% Discount


The red this weekend is recommended with the hope that the weather brightens as promised. A beautiful Pinot Noir from the Loire, the award-winning 2016 Pinot Noir from J.Villebois, who is based in Sancerre.

A very accessible Pinot Noir with a compellingly silky palate . Perfect for drinking with grilled meats in the company of friends!

£13.99p/b or a very friendly 2 for £24