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Wine on tasting in East Molesey 19.10.17

Friday, 20 October 2017 14:42:32 Europe/London

EM wine on tasting


Well, in standard response to the coming storm this weekend I have decided that instead of the long moonlit country walks I was planning that staying in and sampling a few new things to hit the shelves is a far better idea. And it’s Italian Month, still! This is exciting to me. Italy is more or less where my love of wine comes from (via a Roman villa excavation, a gang of lustful Carabinieri and an unlocked cellar door).

That being the case I was delighted to host the Barolo evening on Wednesday and even more delighted with how much the wines impressed me again – despite having tasted them all before. In fact, Brezza have so impressed me I am off to their gaff in January.

But that brings me back to the here and now. Lots of events upcoming – Oddly Beer Tasting this evening with the redoubtable Brian the Brewer – try something new, unusual and about as local as you can get – apparently if he shouted loudly from his island brewery on the Thames we could answer from the shop. Anyway, come along, chat, talk and drink - £12 covers all his beers.


Friday 10th November – Winter Tasting – I may have mentioned this one before, but our spectacular more-wine-than-you-could-shake-a-forest-at tasting is back round again – come and enjoy!


Wednesday 15th November – Five Year Signature – Should be a wicked night. All the best items of the last five years, shoehorned into one incredible evening. Five courses, shedloads of wine….need I say more?


Wednesday 13th of December  - Christmas Popup - a new entry to the list! Come and join us for the last of Max’s delicious dinners this year. A festive-themed Popup with four blazing courses, fine wines and fine cheer. As usual, we'll pair six wines to the four-course fixed menu, with an eye to some of the amazing wines we will have in for Christmas!


Can’t wait for any of those? Hot damn – you must need a glass of wine:


NV Sorelle Bronca Particella 68 Prosecco


Big, bold and magnificent, unafraid to scream at the skies that full flavours are magnificent – especially when it’s perfumed and as clean on the palette as this. Rich and creamy, this throws the competition into a biscuit tin!

2016 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Tenuta Ulisse


Often hailed as the wine with no nose, Ulisse have proved them wrong, because I get clean apple on the nose, and a lovely soft citrus-stone-fruit body. Gluggily good.


2014 Chianti Classico, Ormanni


Lets face it, Chianti is one of the most recognisable wine identities in the world – and this one plays safe to form. Red cherries and black plums, with a meaty richness and a touch of spice. Classic.

2016 Langhe Freisa, Brezza


Usually made into a sparkling wine., Brezza (as usual) choose to step outside the standard practice and make something new. Shedloads of strawberries, cherries and cloves. Complex and delicious – and also, different.


And if that doesn’t cheer you up – watch this instead. Best use of a rubber duck for years.  

Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 16.09.17

Friday, 15 September 2017 13:29:49 Europe/London

Last nights Wine School knocked up some interesting conversations; centred as we were on the great wines from South America it was natural that after several hours on Cabernet, Malbec, Tannat and Carmenere our thoughts should naturally turn to Georgian natural wines.

EM wine on tasting


Not the phrase one hears most of in the world but maybe it should be! To be fair, this was stimulated by a radio four programme that some had listened to  - No Compromise – featuring discussions of ‘wild vineyards’ (which are not pruned or weeded at all) amphorae set into the basements of apartment blocks (because it’s assumed that everyone makes their own vintage, and so your own amphorae is listed under white goods for rentals) and unique collections of drinking vessels – “because a unique wine demands a unique vessel.” So apart from the weird and whacky (roof tiles etc) were some which are truly impressive and regularly used – despite being 4 thousand years old wine bowels. The archaeologist in me quails at the thought. The drinker relishes the idea.

So I have to pose a question to you all – what is the most unusual thing you’ve ever drunk wine from? Ever supped champagne from a shoe? Glugging straight from the bottle is a little passé in anyone out of university; but possibly rosé via a straw? Having a cavalry helmet instore raises interesting possibilities… Anyway. Suggestions on a postcard to em@thevineking.com – all entries entitle you to a free glass at the bar!


Which brings me squarely to the Vinebar:

Vinebar 1 

It’s Galician Night tonight! The Vineking is proud to host Jaime Quiroga from Just Galicia along with a host of his excellent Iberians. Come and enjoy, learn a little and drink as much as you choose. Jaime has bought some stunning sparkling albarino which makes a real change and I am delighted to see where it should be – chilled in an ice bucket. The Alodio is an old friend; the Trico majestic in it’s clarity of honeyed flavour. I look forward with immense interest to the Leira…..but reckon I will end the night on a glass of the Casal del Paula. Yum.!

Jaime is with us from about six onwards, and we will be serving this menu till next Wednesday.

Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 01.09.17

Friday, 1 September 2017 17:43:12 Europe/London

EM wine on tasting


Right - Autumn is here and we have a whole host of events for you to enjoy. Find the full list below - but highlights are definitely September's Venison Evening - a chance to try this most toothsome of Autumnal treats in four different ways, no less - with, of course, the perfect wines to match. October rolls around with Barolo and truffles (what could be better!?) And then November? Well that's the Christmas tasting. Same as the summer one - 100+ wines, at the Mitre Hotel, 10th November.

The Full List - of what has places available!

20th Sept – Pop Up Restaurant £65pp.

27th Sept – Venison, The King of Game £80pp.

28th Sept – De Bortoli Winemaker Tasing Evening £25pp

18th Oct – Barolo & Truffle Night £100pp. Only 6 places left.

10th Nov – Winter Portfolio Wine Tasting. Details TBC

15th Nov – The Five Year Signature Celebration £125pp


Remember, if you want a more bespoke evening - just give us a shout at em@thevineking.com.


wine bar


Right, all that aside - here's what is on the Vinebar:

Thomas Goss Shiraz £4.00/glass

Pretty much the best Shiraz at this price. Gloriously fruity, showing blackcurrant, bramble and shedloads of pepper. Delicious and disturbingly easy to drink!

Nemea Argiogitiko £7.50/glass

From the top of the appellation. A Pomerol in all but name, the Nemea is a tense, thrillingly controlled red which knocks the stuffing out of any Bordeaux at the same price. Layers of cassis, quinine bark, powerful blackcurrant and an endnote with a refreshing, silky ending.

Hawksdrift Sauvignon Blanc £5.00/glass

Clean, classic Sauvignon with a crisp citrus/grass nose. Lots of gooseberry backs up the initial clean minerality - refreshing, definitely the wine for this late summer sun.

Signos de Origin Blanc £4.00/glass

This has just won some big points from critics recently so we thought we should see what people think! Winemakers Tasting Notes: "Golden in colour and fruity on the nose with peach and apricot aromas, a bit of white fruit, and notes of freshly crushed walnuts. Smooth, fresh, and creamy on the palate with great depth and persistence."


Domaine Haut Gleon 'Vallee De Paradis' Rose £5/glass

Clean and fresh with a silky texture and loads of fruit. Finishes creamy, yet with a balanced acidity. Slurp.

Nani Rizzi Ergi Prosecco £5/glass

Honestly, if this stuff gets any better... It's one of those that every time I taste it I am reminded how brilliant it is and why it's big bubble (hah) won the Confraternita. Creamy, with a beautifully smooth mousse and a clean long silky texture. Stunning.

Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wine on tasting in East Molesey 18.08.17

Friday, 18 August 2017 09:24:47 Europe/London

Good Morning

I am feeling a little jealous of everyone jetting off on holiday this month to interesting and exotic parts of the world and whilst browsing online to try and distract myself I discovered that this week, nearly 100 years ago the first commercial flight from London to Paris took place. This daily flight was the first regular international service in the world. In celebration of this I have selected some fabulous French wines from our shelves to sample at the bar this week.


EM wine bar


NV Domaine J Laurens ‘le moulin’ Blanquette de Limoux

Champagne is probably one of Frances best known exports but they produces many more styles of sparkling wines. Domaine J Laurens is nestled down in the south of France just a stones throw away from the medieval town of Carcassonne. This blend of mauzac and chardonnay is the perfect aperitif with scents of ripe pear, white flowers and warm nuts with crisp, elegant citrus and stone fruits.

2012 Gondard-Perrin Vire-Clessé Cuvée Tradition

The Gondard family have been growing grapes since the early 1980’s and selling them to the local cooperative. It wasn’t until 2007 that they realised that the high quality of their grapes deserved recognition and they started to produce wine under their own label. This lovely white burgundy shows the typical richness of the Maconnais but with a surprising level of elegance and minerality.

2016 Domaine Haut Gleon Vallée Du Paradis Rosé

Domaine Haut Gleon is nestled in the heart of Corbiere surrounded by 260 hectares of forest and heathland, the hillside redolent with the perfume of wild thyme and rosemary *sigh*. As we can’t be there, we shall have to enjoy this delicate rosé here. The delicate fruit aromas are dominated by redcurrants and raspberries with a fragrant blend of floral notes and sweet spices.

2016 J. de Villebois Pinot Noir

This is a classic story of someone returning to their ancestral roots. Joost de Willebois returned to the Loire valley where his family once lived for generations, with the aim of producing top quality wines. Using sustainable techniques Joost and his wine maker Thierry Merlet have produce a velvety, juicy pinot noir, full of ripe cherry flavours and fresh plums. This is the perfect BBQ red for drinking in the sunshine or, knowing the British summer, the rain!

EM wine on tasting


Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wine on tasting in East Molesey 12.08.17

Friday, 11 August 2017 06:07:13 Europe/London

Good morning! 

For the next two weeks our manager and regular blog writer, Joe, has disappeared on holiday to get hitched. Which leaves me, the new girl, in charge here at East Molesey and he has given me full reign in the selection of the wines available on the bar this week. One could question the wisdom of this choice however instead I am going to take full advantage of the opportunity to explore some of the fabulous wines that have been piquing my curiosity this week.

EM wine on tasting

NV Akurua Brut

I am very fond of a glass (read bottle) of Prosecco or two, but this week it is time to broaden our horizons with this fantastic sparkling wine from Bannockburn in New Zealand. The climate is very similar to that of champagne and the perfect blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with 18 months spent on the lees creates a fresh aperitif style wine with yeasty, nutty notes and hints of citrus.

2015 Enseduna Muscat Sec

This refreshing, aromatic wine is made with 100% Muscat Petit grain cultivated in an area just West of Bezier, considered to have one of the warmest & driest climates in France. The wine gives a lovely acidity and long smooth finish. The scents of bergamot & candied lemon are complemented with floral and citrus notes and just a hint of spice.

2016 Maison William’s Chase Rosé

The vineyards at Maison William’s Chase extend over 40 hectares of Aix-en-Provence and were planted back in the 1960’s. A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Vermentino, this creamy textured, bone dry wine offers plenty of stone fruit aromas of peaches and apricots followed up with notes of grapefruit and Provencal herbs. Perfect to enjoy in the sunshine this summer.

2015 Setteporte Etna Rosso

Having lived in Italy for the best part of 8 years I had to include something Italian on the bar and there are such interesting wines being produced around Etna. The Portale Family have been growing grapes on the slopes of Mount Etna for generations. The vineyards are found on south facing terraces, where the volcanic soils and high altitudes (650-800m) work with the Mediterranean climate to produce this distinctly elegant, organic wine which has plenty of red fruit and wild berries and is infinitely drinkable.


Bar EM

Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 05.08.17

Friday, 4 August 2017 08:18:57 Europe/London

EM wine on tasting
Brilliant Australia Wine School last night – place was packed, and the wines were showing really well. Lots of interest in the De Bortoli bits and bobs we were tasting! 
We are now halfway through the Wine Schools curriculum a and the powers that be asked me to remind you guys that tickets are available here and that each session is self-contained: missing the one before doesn’t matter.*
Anyway, next session – 24th August – is on Spain – come and join us.
In other news, we have a duo of hearty monsters from Thomas Goss inbound. Brilliant in a “I may have you for breakfast” fashion, these are perfect for the summer. As long as it arrives at some point.
Beyond that? The bar is open – see below!Vinebar 1
*You can catch up as extra homework**
** No one has ever turned this one in late…
Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wine on tasting in East Molesey 29.07.17

Thursday, 27 July 2017 09:19:32 Europe/London

It’s July and the rain sleets down like the heavens have sprung a leak, me thanking my lucky stars the shop is waterproof. Not to say that we aren’t somewhat awash with new bits and pieces – good Barolo, good port, interesting deals, cases of the good stuff. It’s been a busy old month and next month looks likely to continue. The weather? Alas, likely to continue as well.
First up – Pio Cesare on tasting Saturday Morning. Please hurry because my willpower is unlikely to last beyond about 11ish, which is definitely the point when I crack it open and lock the doors. Honestly. And be ready for a sharp-elbowed corner-fight, it won’t last long!
Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

East Molesey Wine Bar Open Again!

Friday, 7 July 2017 17:29:03 Europe/London

Hi all – speed typing as all around me a bar happens to other people. Yes, I am very happy to announce that the EM VK Vinebar is once again open in all it’s magnificent glory; just in time for the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. Bloomin’ marvellous.


So, with no further ado – here is what is on the bar – kudos to Rebecca at Church street for the spiffy menus!





Vinebar 1



Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 01.07.17

Friday, 30 June 2017 16:18:21 Europe/London

EM wine on tastingWinebar – with the welcome return of the summer sun we have upped our game – and – (drumroll!) reopened thewinebar. Come on down for charcuterie, cheese, wines by the glass or a lovely refreshing Gin & tonic. With a rotating list of delicious option we should be able to tickle your fancy whatever your tastebuds!

Aperol Spritz


Crisp, with that-hard-to-define flavour which rocked so well last year – and back again!

Jensen Old Tom & Tonic


Powerful, old fashioned style gin and an excellent tonic. Excellent for hot weather!

NV Morgadio de Calcada Dry White & Tonic


Is this the drink of the summer? Taste testing suggests so!

Seedlip & Tonic (non-alcoholic!)


Excellent if, for whatever reason, proper drinks are not on the menu. Very fresh, with a distinct spicy note bought out by the tonic.

Wine by the Glass




NV ‘Ergi’ Prosecco, Nani Rizzi


Creamy bubbles from the guys which make the esteemed Confraternita. In a gold bottle, no less! £15.99/bottle

2015 Coteaux de Giennois Sauvignon


Excellent sauvignon from the Loire Valley. Never heard of the appellation? Just next door to Pouilly Fume. £13.99/bottle

2016 La Mascaronne ‘Quat’saisons’ Rosé


Hot off the ferry, this is definitely the rose for the summer. Delicious.  £16.99/bottle

2013 Ottobuce Piemontese Blend


A queer old blend of eight grapes, this shows that there is life in Piemonte apart form Nebbiolo! £12.99/bottle


Beers of the Week



Soft Drinks









Cheese Platter


Charcuterie Platter


Cheese and Meat Platter



On the side - complementary fresh bread with all platters.


Want more than a glass? £7.50 corkage on all wine bottles on the shelf. Enjoy some of the finest wines right here, right now.


Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan

Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 09.06.17

Friday, 9 June 2017 16:04:47 Europe/London

Right, back from a few days off enjoying Rosé in the sun and some stunning Italian reds in the evenings. Watch out for a cracking shipping offer coming up this autumn on a few of these!


EM wine on tasting


So that aside -


NV Nani Rizzi Prosecco – A perennial favourite. Good, well made prosecco with a clean fruity sense, plenty of bubbles and a gorgeously smooth mousse. Little brother to the award-winning Nani Rizzi Valdobbiadene, this is a little crackergem.

£12.99/bottle, £5/glass


2014 De Bortoli Deen ‘Vat Series No 1 Durif’ also known as Petite Sirah, this spicy little number doesn’t quite have the monolithic density or tannic body that PS can be credited with. On the other hand it does have the plummy-spicyness, wrapped up in a bit of oaking to add a creamy ending. This is cracking stuff!

£11.99/bottle, £5/glass


2016 Nuovo Quadro Gavi di Gavi, La Battistina La Battistina make a number of different Gavi’s and Gavi di Gavi’s but this is by far and away their best. A combination of four vineyard sites (two high altitude, two low) it combines the fruit to get a perfect balance to the wine. Lots of crisp mineral notes shepherd the pear and citrus before ending on a slightly saline/nutty note. Absolutely stonking, this is often in my top picks of the day. And not just because Kate Bush describes the best Gavi di Gavi as being “like the light over a cliff in Italy.”

£15.99/bottle, £6/glass


2016 La Tour Melas RoséToo good to ignore for too long! Argiorgitiko translates into Rosé really well – lots of fruit, a delicious crispness and a firm texture of slight strawberries and raspberries. This bottled Greek sunshine is as near a stylistic copy of Provencal Rosé as we’ve yet seen. Absolutely worth the extra few quid up– dare I say it – a challenger  for the French title of king of the super-premiums pinks…?

£25.99/bot, £8.50/glass

Posted in Wines on Tasting By Jez Greenspan
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