Well, looking out the window definitely tells us that Autumn has well and truly started. Brilliant – rock on decent booze – Pinots, stunning wines, mesmerising pools of deep red oblivion , heavy with yesterday’s fruit and tomorrow’s promise. Or possibly tomorrow – mostly it has trouble getting past today if I am around! Anyway – we have a huge number of events lined up and ready to go – here are the details!

 EM wine on tasting

Thursday 14/09/2017 – Argentina and Chile – the Wine School continues along it’s Around the World journey – are you game for climbing the Andes?!

Friday 15/09/2017 Galician Wine Bar – hosted by the excellent Jaime Quiroga, a specialist in wines from this region. We will be tasting some of his superb wines along with a regional menu. No booking required, but we would love to know you are coming!

Wednesday 20/09/2017 Popup Restaurant – 6 tickets remaining. Our stunning, magnificent Popup - What a great way to ignore the end of summer…..

Friday 22/09/2017 Butchery Demonstration – PJ Dales, brilliant butchers that they are, will be demonstrating the art of preparing meat for the table. A really interesting evening – with great wines!

Wednesday 27/09/2017 Venison – the King of Game – I was tempted to call this a Stag Night but Erik vetoed it, muttering something about a bad idea. Either way – four courses, seven wines – what a great way to get ideas about this least-understood of meats. Come along and enjoy!

Thursday 28/09/2017 De Bortoli Winemakers Evening – With the winemaker herself here to lead you all through her glorious Australian stars, this should be a sellout evening! Sitting down with charcuterie and cheese to kick off the palettes, this


For information on all of these please email em@thevineking.com or call 0208 979 5889.


On the Vinebar this Week

2015 Chocolate Block – On offer as we speak, this most superlatively overladen & mythologistically burdened of wine has become a SA icon. Like it? In this weather, it’s nectar. £26.99/bottle, £7.50/glass £130.00/six pack!

2016 Pinot Noir, Villebois – Light, delicate Pinot with a touch of seriousness to it. This is a classic story of someone returning to their ancestral roots. Joost de Willebois returned to the Loire valley where his family once lived for generations, with the aim of producing top quality wines. Using sustainable techniques Joost and his wine maker Thierry Merlet have produce a velvety, juicy pinot noir, full of ripe cherry flavours and fresh plums. This is the perfect BBQ red for drinking in the sunshine or, knowing the British summer, the rain! Made very much for drinking now. £11.99/bottle, £4.00/glass

2016 Rimauresq - Named for the river which flows through the vineyards at the foot of the Massif des Maures. Fine frolicsome flavours of red currents and wild red berries complete the bottle, laced with a minerality which pays tribute to the longer growing season engendered by the cool Mistral winds and the shade of the mountains. £16.99/bottle, £5/glass

NV Nani Rizzi Ergi - Honestly, if this stuff gets any better... It's one of those that every time I taste it I am reminded how brilliant it is and why it's big bubble (hah) won the Confraternita. Creamy, with a beautifully smooth mousse and a clean long silky texture. Stunning.

2015 Lettre de Eloise Chardonnay – I was there when the first vintage of this wine was released back in 2009, and the Eloise in question was a four year old getting under everyone’s feet; dragging her stuffed rabbit with her. As Bertrand’s first grandchild, this wine is absolutely intended to be a loveletter to the future – in this case, making the domaine more than just the beautiful burgundy it’s known for – but for great wine, wherever the vines are planted. This is just outside of the border of Burgundy, but exhibits the same stunning richness and depth of his straight wines – delicious. £20.99/bottle, £6.50/glass

2015 Luis Canas Barrel Fermented White Rioja One of the best white rioja’s being produced today for under twenty quid. At £14.99, this rich, beautifully balanced style of malvasia has a added creaminess from the barrel-fermentation, but hasn’t lost it’s fresh fruit characteristics. Lovely. £14.99/bottle, £5/glass