Last nights Wine School knocked up some interesting conversations; centred as we were on the great wines from South America it was natural that after several hours on Cabernet, Malbec, Tannat and Carmenere our thoughts should naturally turn to Georgian natural wines.

EM wine on tasting


Not the phrase one hears most of in the world but maybe it should be! To be fair, this was stimulated by a radio four programme that some had listened to  - No Compromise – featuring discussions of ‘wild vineyards’ (which are not pruned or weeded at all) amphorae set into the basements of apartment blocks (because it’s assumed that everyone makes their own vintage, and so your own amphorae is listed under white goods for rentals) and unique collections of drinking vessels – “because a unique wine demands a unique vessel.” So apart from the weird and whacky (roof tiles etc) were some which are truly impressive and regularly used – despite being 4 thousand years old wine bowels. The archaeologist in me quails at the thought. The drinker relishes the idea.

So I have to pose a question to you all – what is the most unusual thing you’ve ever drunk wine from? Ever supped champagne from a shoe? Glugging straight from the bottle is a little passé in anyone out of university; but possibly rosé via a straw? Having a cavalry helmet instore raises interesting possibilities… Anyway. Suggestions on a postcard to – all entries entitle you to a free glass at the bar!


Which brings me squarely to the Vinebar:

Vinebar 1 

It’s Galician Night tonight! The Vineking is proud to host Jaime Quiroga from Just Galicia along with a host of his excellent Iberians. Come and enjoy, learn a little and drink as much as you choose. Jaime has bought some stunning sparkling albarino which makes a real change and I am delighted to see where it should be – chilled in an ice bucket. The Alodio is an old friend; the Trico majestic in it’s clarity of honeyed flavour. I look forward with immense interest to the Leira…..but reckon I will end the night on a glass of the Casal del Paula. Yum.!

Jaime is with us from about six onwards, and we will be serving this menu till next Wednesday.