Good Morning

I am feeling a little jealous of everyone jetting off on holiday this month to interesting and exotic parts of the world and whilst browsing online to try and distract myself I discovered that this week, nearly 100 years ago the first commercial flight from London to Paris took place. This daily flight was the first regular international service in the world. In celebration of this I have selected some fabulous French wines from our shelves to sample at the bar this week.


EM wine bar


NV Domaine J Laurens ‘le moulin’ Blanquette de Limoux

Champagne is probably one of Frances best known exports but they produces many more styles of sparkling wines. Domaine J Laurens is nestled down in the south of France just a stones throw away from the medieval town of Carcassonne. This blend of mauzac and chardonnay is the perfect aperitif with scents of ripe pear, white flowers and warm nuts with crisp, elegant citrus and stone fruits.

2012 Gondard-Perrin Vire-Clessé Cuvée Tradition

The Gondard family have been growing grapes since the early 1980’s and selling them to the local cooperative. It wasn’t until 2007 that they realised that the high quality of their grapes deserved recognition and they started to produce wine under their own label. This lovely white burgundy shows the typical richness of the Maconnais but with a surprising level of elegance and minerality.

2016 Domaine Haut Gleon Vallée Du Paradis Rosé

Domaine Haut Gleon is nestled in the heart of Corbiere surrounded by 260 hectares of forest and heathland, the hillside redolent with the perfume of wild thyme and rosemary *sigh*. As we can’t be there, we shall have to enjoy this delicate rosé here. The delicate fruit aromas are dominated by redcurrants and raspberries with a fragrant blend of floral notes and sweet spices.

2016 J. de Villebois Pinot Noir

This is a classic story of someone returning to their ancestral roots. Joost de Willebois returned to the Loire valley where his family once lived for generations, with the aim of producing top quality wines. Using sustainable techniques Joost and his wine maker Thierry Merlet have produce a velvety, juicy pinot noir, full of ripe cherry flavours and fresh plums. This is the perfect BBQ red for drinking in the sunshine or, knowing the British summer, the rain!

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